Watermelon 2k

This is an early-maturing gift watermelon variety with a striped rind and red flesh. The growth period is about 88 days, and the fruit development period is about 26 days.

A watermelon plant typically produces 2-3 fruits. Once the first fruit has been successfully pollinated, the plant is allowed to keep only one fruit. About 10 days before the first fruit is harvested, the second fruit is pollinated. The same method is used to keep the third fruit.
The growth environment of 2k watermelon is particularly good. They are mostly suspended in the air, receiving higher intensity of light, resulting in a particularly high sweetness.
In the middle and late stages of watermelon fruit ripening, it should not be overwatered to avoid affecting sweetness and causing watermelon cracking. You can give a little water appropriately or stop watering, depending on the actual temperature and soil water retention capacity.