Moss Rose Planting and Care Guide

Moss Rose Planting and Care Guide

 Quick Facts About Moss Rose

Moss Rose blooms stay opened for long periods of time, and they are nestled above the succulent foliage like shrub roses. They are heat and drought tolerant offering a great ground cover for hot, sunny areas. Or, Moss Rose plants are perfect for filling containers to overflowing with small, needle-like foliage and masses of great blooms.

 Planting Time

Start Moss Rose seeds directly outdoors once frost danger has passed. Or the seed can be started indoors 6 - 8 weeks prior to the end of frost season.

Planting Location

Moss Rose plants perform well in full sun. In the hottest climates, they will tolerate some afternoon shade. The soil needs to drain well and can even be rocky or sandy. Nutrient rich soil is not needed.

How to Plant Moss Rose
  • For indoor planting, start the flower seeds in starter trays
  • Press the seeds into the soil but do not cover, light is needed for germination
  • Keep the flower seeds consistently moist and warm
  • Move the seedlings to a bright, sunny window for growing
  • Once outside temperatures are warming, harden off for 7 - 10 days prior to planting out
  • Transplant outside with a spacing of 12 inches apart
  • Or, work the garden soil to a depth of 6 inches
  • Add compost to improve the soil
  • Directly scatter the seeds and press them into the soil
  • Keep the area moist continually
  • Thin to the strongest seedling 12 inches apart
Care And Maintenance
  • Keep Moss Rose plants moist for establishment
  • Once they are established, the plants are fairly drought and heat tolerant
  • Trim the plants back midway through the growing season to tidy the appearance and encourage more blooming