Cornflower Seeds

Cornflower Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Cornflower

Probably the most well-known wildflower, Cornflowers are grown all over North America. They are not picky about soil type as long as it drains well. They prefer full sun and will withstand periods of drought. They are great for attracting butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects. Cornflowers are known to be wonderful cut flowers. They perform well in the vase and also dry nicely to be used in everlasting arrangements.

Planting Time

Directly sow Cornflower seeds outdoors in early to mid-spring as soon as the soil can be worked.

Planting Location

Cornflower plants thrive in full sun, but they will tolerate some partial shade. Select an area with soil that drains well.

How to Plant Cornflower

  • Work the soil to a depth of 6 - 8 inches
  • Add compost to improve the soil
  • Rake the soil smooth and scatter the Cornflower seeds
  • Lightly rake soil over the seeds
  • Keep the area continually moist for germination

Care And Maintenance

  • Irrigate regularly to establish the plants
  • Cornflowers are fairly drought tolerant, but they will bloom more with regular irrigation
  • Cut back after blooming to encourage a 2nd bloom and to keep a more tidy appearance
  • In the fall, when plants begin to die back, cut down and remove dead materials